Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hatter's World is colseing for a while.

Due to my real life job becoming busy I will be taking some time off from this site.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hi, I'm not Dead!

There was a post that was going here, BUT it was pulled at the last min(long story). I am still alive and still working on the blog.

Right now I'm following a project that should see the light of day soon (Fill you in more when the time comes). At the moment you can follow me on Twitter or on the right side of the screen.

Be Back Soon!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hatter's World now in pess kits

Hatter's World has come a long way in the past year! I never thought when I started this blog, that it would get this big. And now, I've been quoted in Shoot The Moons press kit.

So what is a press kit? A press kit is in a nutshell,is a package of promotional materials. That contain The Artist Biography, Promotional Photos, And Reprints of Press "Clippings"(the last is where I am). These are used most of the time for a bands Cd promotion or booking gigs. I use these when writing about most bands on this site( bet you didn't know that). Back in the day these looked much like Resumes, but today they are the bands website. This is another reason bands should have their own site and not just MySpace.

So enough of me rambling here is the full Shoot The Moon Press Kit:

Shoot the Moon Press Kit and Biography:

Sean McGeehan – Lead Vocals
James Balogach – Bass / Vocals
Tom Sweeney – Guitar / Vocals
John Young – Drums

Bookings - 570-332-3545
Promotion - 570-578-5404
Shoot the Moon LLC

Shoot The Moon is the very definition of an independent artist.

While many projects utilize agencies, management companies or even record labels, Shoot The Moon has taken a complete hands on approach since the four members abandoned their previous ties and started working together in April of 2007. Having all been childhood friends or one time band-mates, any usual awkwardness was quickly silenced.

A successful band road trip to The NAMM Music Convention in Anaheim California helped secure connections with industry heavy weights, multiple equipment endorsements, and helped garner songwriting credibility.

This songwriting, booking, promoting machine has acquired impressive results, reaching No. 7 on the Rock Charts and maintaining Top 20 status for six months receiving more votes then Matchbox 20, Flyleaf, Puddle Of Mudd, and Audio Slave among others. Add to that a solid footing in the Top 40 out of over 154,000 artists in the combined genre charts in 2008, neighboring 50 Cent, Pink, Kenny Chesney, Alisha Keys and every known artist you can imagine.

“We’re just starting to realize our writing potential together,” admits bassist James Balogach. “Everyone is contributing great songs. A song is sent through the channels and before the ink dries – BAM – here comes another. It’s non-stop.”

Lead vocalist Sean McGeehan agrees. “It’s great to have four heads going at it. Whichever idea is more complete usually gets bumped up the list. I think that keeps everyone on their toes.”

Shoot The Moon infuses enthusiasm, raw power, and high energy through an aggressive form of rock flirting with modern, alternative, southern, and pop punk that culminate into a focused, but radical, delivery of music throughout their animated “bouncing off the wall” live show, keeping crowds entertained and involved.

To Shoot The Moon, the fans are the most important part. Ravenous, obsessive, and loyal dance-aholics, the “Moonies” are huge supporters when it comes to attendance and word of mouth advertising. Fans enjoy introducing friends to “their” band.

New viewers quickly realize that a Shoot The Moon show does not mimic other bands. Along with Shoot the Moon’s own material, they play crowd favorites and easily recognizable songs that most bands wouldn’t attempt from the 70’s to this weeks Billboard Charts.

However, what’s music without a show?

McGeehan responds as if fired from a cannon, “Oh, we haven’t forgotten to entertain. We offer something most people haven’t seen in awhile; a great mix of musicianship and showmanship. In fact, you may not know where to look. I catch myself watching,” he laughs.

Drummer John Young explains, “The best way I could describe it is like four cans of energy drink that never come down.”

“Or like an amazing car crash…you can’t look away,” adds guitarist Tom Sweeney.

In a bold move, Shoot The Moon has taken their plan of world domination a step further by organizing their own monstrous events entitled “LOONERFEST.”

The first LOONERFEST will take place at The Woodlands Inn and Resort in Wilkes-Barre, PA on March 6, 2009. The festivals will be held at different venues every three to four months.

Why bother organizing such events?

Sweeney lays out the details:

“The idea is to make the festival profitable for everyone. The participating bands keep 100% of the money from their ticket sales. That’s a first! The venue simply provides the location and helps with advertising and makes a killing through alcohol sales. Vendors have the opportunity to sell tickets, like the bands, and keep the profit. That’s just another LOONERFEST first! Even better for the fans, the tickets are $10 for two people if purchased before the concert and $10 per person at the door. As if that's not enough, there are $100 and $200 cash prizes and $300+ in door prizes along with sponsors supplying on site services for free. You can't beat that deal! We could only have dreamed of the response we've already received for LOONERFEST. It might even sell-out!”

Balogach continues, “People were talking about LOONERFEST two days after the concept was developed. The staff of The Woodlands knew about it before their boss told them they were hosting it. That’s some quick buzz!”

The second pressing of the bands independently released EP, “Headshot,” is sold out. The five songs that make up the EP have generated national and international interest from Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Wikes-Barre/Scranton, and Boston to the UK, Sweden, France, Italy and Germany through cyberspace and weekly radio rotation. The song “Dysfunctional Accident” was voted No. 1 on NEPA Rebellion Radio for fifteen weeks of the last eighteen weeks of 2008, and finished No. 3 overall for the whole year. More national and international exposure by way of ITunes, XM Satellite Radio, and SIRIUS Satellite Radio is currently underway.

Shoot the Moon will record a full-length album early 2009.

Shoot The Moon is an “in your face” rock show, that encourages crowds to go crazy, forget about the negatives, and enjoy the moment. Place them in front of an audience and you’re opening the floodgates.

Although they are an entertaining and sometimes all out riot act, the band is very serious about song writing. Shoot the Moon is continually amazed that their music receives the most requests and loudest crowd responses and aim to keep it that way.

“We respect each others thoughts and influences,” states Young.

“That’s what gives us our sound.” Balogach concludes, “We’ll continue to write music we love and others react too. When people sing back lyrics you wrote, there’s no better connection. They may perceive your words differently then intended, but the song has made an impact. They must be feeling something and that’s a release in itself.”

“Karma and energy are excellent. Tom Sweeney’s guitar playing is a joy to listen to… Great things lay ahead for these guys for sure.”
Marcus Henderson/Original guitarist for all “Guitar Hero” recordings

“The first opening act encore (while opening for Sammy Hagar) in the history of Montage
Montage Mountain, Wilkes-Barre, PA

“(STM) released an EP with 5 fantastic songs. My personal faves are “Leave Me Alone,”
“Dysfunctional Accident,” and “This Hurt.” Sean has an absolutely amazing voice!”
Rachel Rocks, PA Musician ‘Out and About’

“Shoot The Moon...Headshot, packing a mighty five-song punch filled with crunchy guitars, pounding
drums, and gruff vocals. (Headshot) is a quick burst of energy and straightforward rock, setting
Shoot The Moon up to fit in just about perfectly with all of the big-name rock acts of today.”
Cassie Gressell Shinbone Magazine

“Dare I say it? Yes. Sean is without question one of the best front men the Pennsylvania music scene
has had in years. Don’t take my word on it, go and experience (Shoot the Moon) for yourself… you
have my personal guarantee that you will not be disappointed.”
Denise Edge, PA Musician ‘Feature’

“Shoot The Moon has recently experienced some huge successes which we've been loyally following. We're thrilled for this original band that's breaking through to the front of not only the local music scene, but is becoming an internationally recognized name in rock charts. This Wilkes-Barre rock band has received a lot of local media attention lately and with good reason - they deserve it.”
Word Of Mouth Magazine

Hatter’s World, Masury, OH:

“LOONERFEST is more like Ozzfest, Family Values tour, ect...but LOONERFEST has a slight edge over these shows. How? Well the bands playing in LOONERFEST sell the tickets and can keep the money…Shoot The Moon has taken the unsigned band genre way past the next level. With over a thousand plus fans(online and offline) the band still takes the time to treat every fan like they are their #1 fan. I'm still surprised that they have not been picked up by a major label yet.”
Hatter of Hatters World

102.3 The Mountain
105.5 WMGH
Metal Messiah Radio;

I’m Sorry
This Hurt
Don’t Fade
Sad To Say
I Walk Away
Late At Night
Daffodil Days
All The Drama
Pass With Time
Leave Me Alone
Shoot The Moon
How Many Times
You’re A Star Tonight
Where’s The Romance
Dysfunctional Accident
Ride With The Top Down

Don't forget to pick up your LoonerFest tickets at for March 6 in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Looner Fest

Loonerfest Poster

You guys remember Shoot the Moon right? One of the first bands to show up on HW! Well the guys are back with some cool shit this year,Looner Fest!

No Looner Fest isn't meeting a group of people to go off into the woods to dance around a fire nude. Although that would be cool, right? Anyways Looner fest is more like Ozz fest, Family Values tour, ect..... But looner fest has a slight edge over these shows.

How? Well the bands playing in Looner Fest sell the tickets and can keep the money. The Woodlands Inn & Resort near Wilkes Barre is giving ticket holders a 15% discount on rooms (this is the site of Looner Fest!). And of course the Fans get stuff also not only great music but, The crowd will get $500 in cash and prizes and that's not including all the free stuff that will be happening that night.

The Bands on Looner Fest Are:

Shoot The Moon (of course)
Bat out of Hell
Faithful Aggression

To find out more about Looner Fest or to buy tickets. Click on the Poster at the top of the post.

Hmmm. I wonder if I get paid for this post? Just kidding I'd do it for free anyways.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Scarlet Blonde

After the weekend blow-up I'm back. And I've brought with me a new group, Scarlet Blonde.
Scarlet Blonde is a UK base group that is under the Alternative / Rock / Trip-Hop genre. Yes that last one was not a mistake its Trip hop. Think of Scarlet Blonde as Madonna meets Gorillaz. Scarlet Blonde is not new to the music scene with quite a few Cd's under their belt already and one on the way in a few months, you can see why they are popular though out the UK.

The Bands upcoming CD "ACERBIC" They claim will be angry, cold and dark yet cautiously optimistic. You of course can check out their bio bellow and hear a few tunes.

The Groups Bio:

Scarlet blonde is the fusing of the light and dark. Born out of fate, the founder members, Dawn Firth and Ditch, met at age 4 and were always destined to work together. A class photo from back then has the words “Dawn’s boyfriend” inscribed by Dawns father beneath Ditch’s picture- so the chemistry was clearly obvious from day one. In the intervening years, Dawn became a guitar virtuoso by learning every note from every Iron Maiden song alone in her room and picking up String and Guitar Endorsements on the way through her unbelievable, unique, self-taught technique. Ditch travelled and studied, learning about music in all its forms from Dance to Electro to Classical to Metal to Arabic to Jazz. He learned how to record and be recorded and everything else he could pick up from wherever he could learn it. Then, in 2005, after a chance meeting at the party of a mutual friend, it finally happened.

For the next few years the duo worked on and forged a variety of musical styles, searching for their final direction, culminating in the release of ‘Bedroom Superstars’ in 2007. Later in 2007 they began working with Andy ‘Grohl with Soul’ Harvey, a drummer of sublime power and passion and through their edgier live sound the direction they needed to take became obvious.

Thunderous grooving drums surround themselves with electronic synth lines, orchestral soundscapes, classical pianos, pounding bass lines, Dawn Firth's faultless, virtuoso Space-Age guitar playing and her incredible voice.

The three piece have just finishing recording their new album, the awesome 'Acerbic...a loose concept' and will be unleashing it and their hungrier, more intense live show on the public in May 2009. Taking from their influences of Muse, Massive Attack, Duran Duran and 'Ray of Light' era Madonna, scarlet/blonde have expanded musically and lyrically. Just on the edge of progressive, the new album is angry, cold, dark and yet cautiously optimistic.

"It can be about something, but we aren't sure what" says Dawn about the new album’s title, "we'd rather people tell us what it’s about than preach. We just realised that lyrically, it could, loosely, fit together into a story"


Don't forget their video off to the right.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Message to Mark D of Two Second Hate

What the Fuck dude!? You say shit then don't follow though!? What Fucking ASSHOLE!
Why am I so pissed? here let me refresh your memory!
Lets go back to November

ME: "Hey Mark

I was just thinking of my next post and of course you guys came to mind with this... I was thinking of holding a contest for something free. At first I thought about the Two Second Hate CD but mine has become a part of my car stereo ;). So if you guys are willing to part with one free one for this contest that would be great.

I look at it like this, it help bring more hits to my site plus more fans for you guys. But it's up to you guys.
Hit me back when you can Ill work out the details"

Mark D : "
No problem dude. Go ahead with it, and just give us the address of the winner and we'll drop ship it directly to them. We'll autograph it so its a bit more personal. If you want to do two winners for two Cd's thats fine as well. Or two different contests. Keep us in mind for future giveaways, cool?
We're always willing to throw down for good promotion.
Let us know whats going on with your contest when you get it in place. We'd love to check it out!
Thanks for thinking of us for your promo's Chris, and your continued support!
Mark D."

The post went up and winners have been picked. And I emailed the addresses to Mark. After a few weeks I asked the winners if they got their Cd, both said NO! So I email Mr. DeGataga.

Me: "Hey Mark
First off Congrads on the International Radio Play! I thought I sent this email to you about the contest winners from Hatters World Contest (

I just got an email from one of the winners asking where her Cd was. So if I didn't sent it the first time here are the Contest winners addresses.
(Addresses Removed From Post)"

Maybe I forgot to send them the fist time....

Mark D: "Thanks Chris. I'll have them sent out in the next few days. Thanks again for everything! I'm sorry to hear about the turnout, but thats two more fans than before the contest. Can't complain about that.....please forward this, or drop the winners an email and let them know we are on it."

That was on December 15!

Now its January, I ask them again if they got their Cds? And again both said No!
So I email Mark yet again!

Me : "Dude!?
We had that Cd contest back in November. I have two readers that think I fucked them over!
Did you plan on sending these guys their Cd? Or should I just email them and tell them that they are not coming?

Give me a shout!"

And no reply after 24 hours. I know he read it!

I hope you guys don't treat future help this way!

Whatever I'm done with you AssHats!

To Thinkinfyou and Paul I'm sorry you guys had to be subject to this shit. If I knew this shit was going to happen the contest would have never happened, and thanks for your understanding that This Asshole fucked you over and not me.
But I'm done wasting my time and energy on this band. I got better bands that appreciate the time and energy I put in for them.

Moral of the story: I'm a nice guy till you Fuck me over or Piss me off!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jen Gloeckner

As in my last post I have expanded my music listening to outside the Metal/Rock area, and hopefully your as well.

Today's artist Jen Gloeckner, is not a stranger to the music scene. At an early age her family encouraged her in her new found talent. As a teenager Jen began composing songs and, like everyone does, singing along with her favorite musicians(If you said you don't still do this your lying! I do all the time). It wasn't until she received her first left-handed guitar for a birthday gift. After teaching herself how to play, she instantly started to work on her demo Cd.

The Dubuque, Iowa native set up a home recording studio in a spare bedroom and started in on her demo Cd. From Jens website bio :"Most of the songs were written during the recording process," Jen recalls. "I had originally written five or six songs, most of which were scrapped and replaced with new ones." This demo Cd changed into her debut album "Miles Away".

Miles Away was released in 2005 through One Little Indian Records. The Cd has had rave reviews from all around the web. You can read all of the reviews on Jen's website.

Now my faithful readers know I try to compare an artist with one on that may be mainstream, but this time I was stumped! In "Miles Away" you can hear hints of Jazz and Blues in the songs but the vocals take it to a whole different place. Don't take my word for it, listen to "Miles Away" For yourself in the player at the end of the post. The song "Another January" is available for free download at Jens ReverbNation site.
NOTE: To get the full effect of Jens style listen from beginning to end.

Jen does have a new Cd coming out in middle of 2009. The Cd title is "Mouth Of Mars". You can see Jens video for the song " Mouth of Mars" in the Featured Video on the side bar.



You Can also find Jen Gloeckner at:

Jen Gloeckner Website

Jen Gloeckner - Mouth of Mars