Monday, January 26, 2009

Scarlet Blonde

After the weekend blow-up I'm back. And I've brought with me a new group, Scarlet Blonde.
Scarlet Blonde is a UK base group that is under the Alternative / Rock / Trip-Hop genre. Yes that last one was not a mistake its Trip hop. Think of Scarlet Blonde as Madonna meets Gorillaz. Scarlet Blonde is not new to the music scene with quite a few Cd's under their belt already and one on the way in a few months, you can see why they are popular though out the UK.

The Bands upcoming CD "ACERBIC" They claim will be angry, cold and dark yet cautiously optimistic. You of course can check out their bio bellow and hear a few tunes.

The Groups Bio:

Scarlet blonde is the fusing of the light and dark. Born out of fate, the founder members, Dawn Firth and Ditch, met at age 4 and were always destined to work together. A class photo from back then has the words “Dawn’s boyfriend” inscribed by Dawns father beneath Ditch’s picture- so the chemistry was clearly obvious from day one. In the intervening years, Dawn became a guitar virtuoso by learning every note from every Iron Maiden song alone in her room and picking up String and Guitar Endorsements on the way through her unbelievable, unique, self-taught technique. Ditch travelled and studied, learning about music in all its forms from Dance to Electro to Classical to Metal to Arabic to Jazz. He learned how to record and be recorded and everything else he could pick up from wherever he could learn it. Then, in 2005, after a chance meeting at the party of a mutual friend, it finally happened.

For the next few years the duo worked on and forged a variety of musical styles, searching for their final direction, culminating in the release of ‘Bedroom Superstars’ in 2007. Later in 2007 they began working with Andy ‘Grohl with Soul’ Harvey, a drummer of sublime power and passion and through their edgier live sound the direction they needed to take became obvious.

Thunderous grooving drums surround themselves with electronic synth lines, orchestral soundscapes, classical pianos, pounding bass lines, Dawn Firth's faultless, virtuoso Space-Age guitar playing and her incredible voice.

The three piece have just finishing recording their new album, the awesome 'Acerbic...a loose concept' and will be unleashing it and their hungrier, more intense live show on the public in May 2009. Taking from their influences of Muse, Massive Attack, Duran Duran and 'Ray of Light' era Madonna, scarlet/blonde have expanded musically and lyrically. Just on the edge of progressive, the new album is angry, cold, dark and yet cautiously optimistic.

"It can be about something, but we aren't sure what" says Dawn about the new album’s title, "we'd rather people tell us what it’s about than preach. We just realised that lyrically, it could, loosely, fit together into a story"


Don't forget their video off to the right.


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