Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jen Gloeckner

As in my last post I have expanded my music listening to outside the Metal/Rock area, and hopefully your as well.

Today's artist Jen Gloeckner, is not a stranger to the music scene. At an early age her family encouraged her in her new found talent. As a teenager Jen began composing songs and, like everyone does, singing along with her favorite musicians(If you said you don't still do this your lying! I do all the time). It wasn't until she received her first left-handed guitar for a birthday gift. After teaching herself how to play, she instantly started to work on her demo Cd.

The Dubuque, Iowa native set up a home recording studio in a spare bedroom and started in on her demo Cd. From Jens website bio :"Most of the songs were written during the recording process," Jen recalls. "I had originally written five or six songs, most of which were scrapped and replaced with new ones." This demo Cd changed into her debut album "Miles Away".

Miles Away was released in 2005 through One Little Indian Records. The Cd has had rave reviews from all around the web. You can read all of the reviews on Jen's website.

Now my faithful readers know I try to compare an artist with one on that may be mainstream, but this time I was stumped! In "Miles Away" you can hear hints of Jazz and Blues in the songs but the vocals take it to a whole different place. Don't take my word for it, listen to "Miles Away" For yourself in the player at the end of the post. The song "Another January" is available for free download at Jens ReverbNation site.
NOTE: To get the full effect of Jens style listen from beginning to end.

Jen does have a new Cd coming out in middle of 2009. The Cd title is "Mouth Of Mars". You can see Jens video for the song " Mouth of Mars" in the Featured Video on the side bar.



You Can also find Jen Gloeckner at:

Jen Gloeckner Website

Jen Gloeckner - Mouth of Mars


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