Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Looner Fest

Loonerfest Poster

You guys remember Shoot the Moon right? One of the first bands to show up on HW! Well the guys are back with some cool shit this year,Looner Fest!

No Looner Fest isn't meeting a group of people to go off into the woods to dance around a fire nude. Although that would be cool, right? Anyways Looner fest is more like Ozz fest, Family Values tour, ect..... But looner fest has a slight edge over these shows.

How? Well the bands playing in Looner Fest sell the tickets and can keep the money. The Woodlands Inn & Resort near Wilkes Barre is giving ticket holders a 15% discount on rooms (this is the site of Looner Fest!). And of course the Fans get stuff also not only great music but, The crowd will get $500 in cash and prizes and that's not including all the free stuff that will be happening that night.

The Bands on Looner Fest Are:

Shoot The Moon (of course)
Bat out of Hell
Faithful Aggression

To find out more about Looner Fest or to buy tickets. Click on the Poster at the top of the post.

Hmmm. I wonder if I get paid for this post? Just kidding I'd do it for free anyways.

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