Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Here at Hatters World I've been pretty consistent on the rock side of music whether it's hard or not. Well today's post kind of strays a little from that I would like to welcome OddSTAR.

OddSTAR is a mix of Electronica/Dance / Alternative / Pop with a little bit of mid 80's goth thrown in for taste.

The BIO:
The vision of frontman, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Ryan Davis, oddSTAR creates a dramatic musical tapestry combining pulsating electronica, trip-hop, and dance grooves with the scorching dynamics and drama of live rock improvisation. The pounding, sexy rhythms and themes of Davis’s songs dance on the line between chaotic darkness and brilliant, emotional breakthroughs—creating a sound he calls “electrogothicspacerock.”

Having begun as a solo project around the turn of the century, oddSTAR now features four members: Davis (programming, synthesizers, guitar, vocals); Melissa Crowder (bass guitar, synthesizers, vocals); and Jason Ross Martin (guitars, vocals). This lineup commands a stage and adds soaring layers of sound to Davis’s intricate compositions.

Currently recording the debut album with the full-band lineup, oddSTAR adds a new dimension to the music scene in Asheville: a blend of futuristic sounds and textures with flourishes of rock and roll spontaneity that delivers both the tension and release modern audiences crave.

Take a listen to the band


Also check out their video in the Featured Video.

If you live in or around the Asheville, NC area go check this band out!

You can also find OddSTAR on the following sites:

OddSTARs website
OddSTAR on ReverbNation
OddSTAR on Myspace

OddSTAR--She's Too Cool(for you)

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